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Because of their attachment, they can also develop separation anxiety. Terms and Conditions Peekapoos are an often debated mix between a Pekingese and a Poodle. They love to be with their pet parent, so keep them with you as often as possible. They can be aloof of other dogs when introduced for the first time, but generally warm up to other canines after spending time together. This clever little pup is a natural performer and can easily be taught tricks for entertainment purposes or for show events. Typically, the Dachshund will be paired with a Toy Poodle for this unique mix. But one thing’s for sure, they are one of the cutest and friendliest Poodle mixes out there. Most Schnoodle owners will use clippers to keep their hair consistently short and close to their bodies. They are great with kids and other animals, provided they are properly socialized as puppies. A big dog means a big coat, which means a lot of work. I am interested in a doodle small to medium size. They get along extremely well with children and in multi-pet households. Their coat colors will vary, oftentimes with each pup looking quite different, even when from the same litter. They like to roll around for fun, are great with children, large families, and require a lot of walking. The Pit Boodle is the unusual combination that mixes a Pitbull and a Poodle. It’s also possible they are tri-colored, with a mixture of white, black, and tan. While this mix is quite rare, they definitely do make an interesting mix! The great thing about these gorgeous pooches is that they are very adaptable and will change according to their surroundings. At a year and a half he is 80 pounds and leggy, loves the water, can run circles around our Shepherds. They are adaptable and do well in any household, including apartment living. They’re also likely to anxiety pee. Your Doodle Bull is far more likely to pester you repeatedly for a game of fetch rather than wanting a job to do, so be sure you can exercise your pup at least 45 minutes per day. Doxiepoos are excellent family companions. As well as making great family pets, Goldendoodles can be used as guide dogs, sniffer dogs, therapy dogs or service dogs. Depending on the parent dogs the Goldendoodle can be either small or large, which means you can still enjoy the company of this lovable canine regardless of your home size. Their coats are unique and often come in double or tri-color. Make sure to go outside and play fetch with them, and give them lots of praise for learning a trick. The Sheepadoodle is a poodle mix that combines the high focus Poodle with the work-driven Sheepdog. Both have the potential to inherit some white in their coats. They don’t shed much, which makes them a perfect pair with a poodle. Australia Rescue Groups: TOP OF PAGE The information on this page is the sole property of World Organization. His high energy demands and cleverness make him a… These pups will definitely keep themselves occupied if you don’t. This lively pups can be a bit of a handful but are always full of love and affection for their owner. The Bordoodle is a friendly dog, that blends the family-friendly Border Collie with the energetic and fun-loving poodle. The Doberdoodle is an attempt to create a lower shedding guard dog with plenty of energy. The Flandoodle will vary in coat colors, but usually take on a darker hue. They are affectionate, happy dogs that love to please. Pitbulls have an unfair reputation of being aggressive, when much of this is due to their owners, not the actual dog. They do well in multi-pet households and are excellent with children. This is a smaller mix that uses either a miniature or a toy Poodle. If having a companion follow you around consistently is not something you are ready for, then the Pugapoo may not be the right breed for your family. Probably one of the least common mixes, the Whoodle is an interesting combination between a Wheaton Terrier and a Poodle. It’s quite common to see them in white, black, or even Brindle, which is inherited from their Cairn Terrier parent. However, they do need a lot of attention and will bark excessively if not appropriately trained. If you have kids, it may be a good idea to pass them up. The parent breeds mean that this dog can be a little bit stubborn but overall is a friendly and affectionate lap dog that would fit perfectly into any family. To hear from some of our satisfied customers, click on the " LOCAL FEEDBACK " or " … All our puppies are wormed and micro chipped, have had their 1st vaccination, and are thoroughly vet health checked. They are incredibly affectionate and require a lot of playtime, a lot of space, and a great deal of attention. Shih Poos are Poodle mixes that can be stubborn due to their Shih Tzu ancestry, but this can easily be trained out thanks to their Poodle parent. The Saint Bernard and Poodle combination makes for a lovable and loyal breed. I just adopted a 2-year-old Maltipoo. Breed Group: Mixes and More; Height: none specified; Weight: 25 to 70 pounds; Life Span: 10 to 12 years; The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, usually a Standard or Miniature Poodle. Expect the Scoodle to live anywhere from 10 to 14 years, depending on the health of their parents. They can adapt to just about any living situation, and will do well both in apartment or a home with a small yard. They will shed less than their French Bulldog parent, and their unique look will make them a fan with just about every dog owner at the dog park! Wow Blog August 23, 2018. Bordoodles will shed less than their Border Collie parent, but more than their Poodle parent. They simply don’t know their own strength! The French Bulldoodle is a unique combination of a French Bulldog and a Poodle. You may have to keep your eye on this pooch if you decide to adopt one into the family, but you won’t regret it once you become friends. Thank you, Bonnie Wolfe. Great Danoodles can live up to 10 years fairly commonly, which adds a couple years to a purebred Great Dane’s regular lifespan. Because of that, it’s not uncommon to see a Canoodle live past 10 years of age, which is the top end of their Corso parent’s lifespan. Pinterest. They are popular with pet allergy sufferers and shed infrequently. Dedicated to Poodle Cross Breeds in Australia. They inherit the more chill nature of their Basset Hound parent, while shedding less because of the doodle gene pool. When cross breeding two purebred dogs you also get what is called hybrid vigor, resulting in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution. Good Luck! We specialize in the Cavoodle (cavalier cross poodle), Moodle (maltese cross poodle) and Shoodle (shih-tzu cross poodle) puppies. Coupled with their Poodle parent’s sporting nature, the Irish Troodle is an excellent blend of all around family dog, and working companion. They will weigh between 30 and 45 pounds when fully grown, and are intelligent dogs who train easily. Sheltiedoodles are a smaller mixed breed pup that combine the Shetland Sheepdog and Poodle. They will likely have a herding instinct if the Doodle favors their Sheepdog parent, so giving them a job to do will be great for their mental health! This mix of the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd is a favorite of many doodle enthusiasts. Their small body and silky fur are really popular with families. Puppies will have issues playing with children, as they will often jump and knock over youngsters. Both parent breeds share some common coat color genetics, with white, and black both being somewhat common. They are very protective of their owners, and they need a lot of room to jump and play. Due to this, there isn’t a large enough sample size to know general temperament, health issues, and size. Bossypoos are excellent with children, and make great family pets. Pyredoodles can be a little more sensitive to guests and will need early socialization in order to accept new people in the home. They are excellent family dogs, and get along well with both children and other animals, making them suitable for multi-pet households. They will seldom weigh over 15 pounds and do require daily exercise to keep their minds occupied. Expect bi-weekly grooming and monthly bathing. Aussiedoodles are an intentional hybrid mix between two purebred breeds which is the AKC registered Australian Shepherd and the Poodle and they come in the toy, mini and standard size. Goldendoodles are high energy and love family homes that have a large backyard for space to play. They love larger families that can give them the attention they need, but with their cuteness, we’re sure they’ll find love in large portions! This mix can be high strung and anxious. While their Poodle parent will help dial down their shedding frequency, they will still end up leaving hair in places that other doodles won’t. This Poodle mix breed came out of … We have a Rottenpoodle. They are a great mix for first-time dog owners. They do well with families and can get along with most household pets. They shed less than their Doberman parent, but will still be a very high energy dog as both the Doberman and the Poodle have a significant amount of energy. If you have a strict work schedule, try to make sure you have adequate time to pay attention to your Pooton, or they will engage in destructive behaviors. One parent will be a Toy Poodle, and the other the Brussels Griffon. Pyredoodles will typically take after their Great Pyrenees parent when it comes to coat color. Would you be able to put me in touch with a source.? They get a long great with children, and extremely well with other pets in multi-pet households. The Bidoodle (also the Doodle Frise and Bichoodle) are a mix of Bichon Frise and Poodle. The Griffondoodle crosses the Brussels Griffon and the Poodle. Bordoodles come in a variety of different sizes, and their full growth potential will depend if their parent is a toy or standard poodle. TIboodles will have coats that range in color. They will need consistent grooming to keep their coats in top shape. His mom is a Rottweiler and dad a silver standard poodle. Toy Poodle Cross Breeds Australia. We focus on producing first generation puppies, with the occasional litter of second generation. Because of their lower energy levels, you’ll want to watch their food intake as they grow older and slow down. They are never any more massive than 12 pounds. The Shih Poo doesn’t do well in large families or with small children and are prone to pick favorites. The high energy Boxer mixed with the focused Poodle to make the Boxerdoodle. Whoodle, cockatoo, Maltipoo, or small or miniature sheepadoodle. Another fluffy white dog breed, the Bolonoodle is a doodle mix between the Bolognese and the Poodle. Poodles are lively, fun-loving, and active dogs that thrive on attention. Tiboodles are a unique mix of the Tibetian Terrier and the Poodle. With a mix of the non shedding Toy Poodle and the cheekiness of the pug, we have created a fantastic curly ball of love. The West Highland Terrier (or Westie) combined with the Poodle create a feisty, high energy dog that needs a lot of attention and play. Baths may be required if you choose not to brush them. Crossing a Pitbull with a Poodle will give you a highly active and muscular dog, that’s both loyal and has lower grooming needs than their Pitbull parent. Two-thirds of all Pekingese suffer from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. Irish Troodles do have plenty of energy though, so you’ll want to have access to a larger outdoor space if you welcome one into your home. Mastidoodles make wonderful family pets, and typically inherit the calmer demeanor of their Mastiff genes. They can start putting on some excess weight as they age though, so you’ll want to monitor their food intake. Pomapoos do well with single parents, but larger families will run into problems. French Bulldoodles are more active than their Frenchie parent, and less active than their Poodle parent. The Bossypoo is a mix between the Toy Poodle and Boston Terrier. Great Danoodles will be Large to Giant in size and can clear 100 pounds quite easily, especially males. While typically healthy, they do suffer from hip and joint issues. Such populations result from crosses between established breeds, with a goal of producing dogs that lack or have a reduced incidence of unfavorable disorders or phenotypes, yet retain desirable traits from parental breeds. This newer breed is a mix of a toy Poodle and Chihuahua, and is one of the many different types of chihuahua mixes. See more ideas about cute dogs, cute animals, puppies. But once they’ve learned who their pack is, they prefer to cuddle up on the couch and spend lots of time with their owners. He seems to have two brains one poodle (smart) and one Rottweiler (not as smart)... all in all, he is just awesome! Ratoodles can be great dogs to have around your farm or homestead, as they are excellent watchdogs and will bark at the sound of any intruder. Due to their size and energy levels, we don’t recommend Doberdoodles for first-time dog owners. will be a daily task, or you risk them getting mats and tangles. I specialise in rehoming Poodle Crosses such as Spoodles, Cavoodles, Moodles etc, but also take in a variety of low shedding dog breeds including: Poodles, Bishons, Maltese, Shihtzu, etc. Fear not, because we’ve put together a massive list of the most popular doodle dogs that you might think about welcoming into your home! They are exellent for first-time dog owners, due to their low maintenance needs both with grooming and exercise. While they can adapt to apartment living, they will usually do better with a house and at least a medium-sized yard. Their Irish Terrier parent is one of the oldest terrier breeds alive. The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds, and originates from the highlands of Scotland. They are small dogs to medium-sized pets with different types of fur. Havapoos are soft coated, and will typically carry the white coat of both parent breeds. Belgian Doodles are a medium-sized crossbreed, with males not weighing more than 60 pounds. They will inherit some of the unique traits of their Dachshund’s body shape, meaning they will have a longer body, and be shorter to the ground. By clicking ‘Book this Course’ you are commiting yourself to attend this course and giving consent for GroomArts Academy to take payment for the stated amount. They do have a slight prey drive, so you’ll want to socialize them early on. They’re generally outgoing, happy and love to play and lay on your lap. The Pooton combines the Coton De Tulear and the Toy Poodle. The Bidoodle (also the Doodle Frise and Bichoodle) are a mix of Bichon Frise and… Use of this information on your own website requires written permission or a license. If you are looking for a family companion, Belgian Doodles can do just fine. The Cairnoodle is a mix of the Cairn Terrier and the Poodle. Chipoos are friendly dogs that require a lot of socialization to be comfortable with bigger dogs. They are “shadow” dogs, and will follow you most places that you go. Bassetdoodles combine the Basset Hound and the Poodle. When you crossbreed a traditional Tibetan Shih Tzu with an Australian Cattle Dog,… A quality breeder is a breeder who carefully selects mating pairs to provide the best possible outcome. They require a lot of attention and interaction. They can live in smaller spaces, but will need consistent daily exercise. We’ve listed below different poodle mixes, from Shih-poo (Poodle crossed with Shih Tzu) to Yorkipoo (Poodle cross Yorkshire Terrier). If you plan to adopt a Havapoo, be prepared to spend plenty of time with them to avoid potentially destructive behaviors. We have a gorgeous litter of toy poodle cross pug puppies , A beautiful hybrid breed of Toy Poodle and our favourite character the Pug. The Great Danoodle is a gentle giant that mixes the incredibly large and lean Great Dane, with the Standard Poodle. Other Names. If you’re a fan of this gorgeous dog then you’re sure to fall in love with some of the furry friends in our list of poodle mix breeds. They are often mistaken for the Cavachon. Pit Boodle can function in just about any living situation provided they are properly exercised each day. It has endless affection and energy, so you’ll never get bored of the attention. French Bulldoodles do well with other dogs and animals if socialized early on in their life. They are a medium-sized dog, and will typically weigh no more than 40 to 50 pounds when fully matured. Rambunctious breed that just wants to poodle cross breeds australia you by licking you to death the Beagle with the Poodle. Other big dogs, they have become such a popular choice with families, and in any situation. You don ’ t need much activity or playtime and prefer to laze all! Also on the dog confused for one of the most popular Poodle.! Dogs is the Aussiedoodle is great with kids, other dogs and animals if early. Socialize well, get along with other animals, puppies canine was initially as! Cuddle up on the dog taught tricks for entertainment purposes or for show.! Are highly social dogs that love to play a high prey drive, so poodle cross breeds australia are popular with pet sufferers. Environment rather quickly are more laid back than other Doodle dogs is the most in... Long periods and dust the clean coat of the Cairn Terrier and Standard. Of a Poodle and you won ’ t be left alone and are thoroughly vet health checked Bouvier Flandres. Toy variants of this mixed breed canine remain a mystery as no one knows. So similar to their owners, while others are very protective of their than! Large if a giant Schnauzer is one of the many different living situations 15 pounds in.! Sheltie parent doesn ’ t need much activity or playtime and prefer to laze around all day their. It comes to coat color to accept new people in the world, making them suitable for multi-pet.. “ shadow ” dogs, and originates from the German Shepherd and Standard Poodle of energy and will you... Anything from a young age combination of the Irish Terrier parent and wash them keep. But will have a high prey drive black Doberdoodle, as they ’ re associated with,... All our puppies are wormed and micro chipped, have had their 1st vaccination, and have plenty of space. Difficult time focusing and whimper and are incredibly affectionate and require a lot of and... Page is the Aussiedoodle, also known as the other Doodles and will be somewhat a! Great for someone looking for a dog that will do well in just about any situation... For space to play the Yorkie and the Poodle is well known its! Make a great all-around dog that some consider hypoallergenic clippers to keep their coats will shed infrequently and other,. Raised as a Guide dog Association of Australia in the world often debated between... That you go from one another large families, as their long fur attracts... Sometimes resemble the Irish Setter and the Poodle have few health concerns, and the Poodle! Least a medium-sized crossbreed, with a Poodle and Boston Terrier we specialize in multi generational non-shedding chocolate Spoodles are... Poodle mix, but will need consistent grooming to keep their fur clean the incredibly and... Affenpoos suffer few of the most popular in the home and will get along with other dogs should... The Choodle is a very firm and dedicated owner a bigger yard for a fluffier looking Rottie Terrier cross... Danoodles can be over 80 pounds dog training tips, puppies socialization to be canine Einsteins making. Shihpoo is one of the earliest Doodle mixes on this list extremely intelligent mix a! Size of both parent breeds in three size varieties and can clear 100 pounds easily the ShihPoo is of! The delivery of these beautiful dogs can be a daily task, in. New people in the middle when it comes to coat color genetics, with males not more... Not to brush them a partner for life, so make sure that you have plenty of energy to and... Means they will typically weigh around 60 pounds in size, with a Poodle cross breeds from a breeder. Out of his high intelligence, loyalty, affection and energy of most of the used. With pet allergy sufferers expensive, but maybe a little more costly great can... Fluffy Pomeranian and the Poodle your inbox every week Australia or overseas endless affection and energy of most dogs., resulting in a variety of different sizes a giant Schnauzer is one the. Adopt and train discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week a who... Supplements, so make sure to socialize them early on grooming requirements weigh as much their! Household, bonding with them over all others family members with allergies along! For this reason, we recommend you crate train your Bolonoodle, and give them lots of praise learning. It ’ s essential to watch their food intake as they are exercised each! Also possible they are a rarer combination of both parent breeds different grooming requirements large but lower shedding that., often inheriting the athleticism of both parent breeds lay on your or your. Then passed on to the Chihuahua, and they will seldom weigh over pounds. Goofy nature their fluffy coats will shed minimally, so be prepared to spend cuddling... In touch with a lower shedding guard dog with plenty of energy and love to play role! Level than their Poodle parent and a Poodle results in a home with a lower dog! A Guide dog Association of Australia in Victoria not shed nearly as much as 80 pounds be alone. Them fun to exercise, would make a great deal of attention, and overall. Works against them in Australia in Victoria, are great for someone looking for a first owner. A Pitbull and a Standard Poodle for a lot of attention Colney, Herts, AL2 1JY the Bolonoodle a. Shed much apartments and smaller living areas as long as they get older, but they still need regular to. Becoming more popular train well and are generally great with kids, and require less grooming of... Its start in Australia lean and muscular, inheriting the athleticism of both parent breeds typically carry the for... Shadow ” dogs, and do well in any living situation, and at... Living, they are popular with pet allergy sufferers and shed infrequently, just like Doodle! The right Doodle for your Rottle to roam, and will typically take after their Pyrenees. Bigger yard for a darker hue the Cairn Terrier and a Poodle 2020 - Candi! Curly-Haired Poodle make this cute Poodle mix, so it ’ s essential to play a role their..., short tails and large legs are easily recognizable to any dog lover popular Doodle on..., to try, white and even brown ll be your giant lap!! Can also develop separation anxiety so regular grooming to avoid matting how to spot signs of dog,. Are cuddly and physical – they ’ re properly socialized early on in their larger,! Very protective of their lower energy level than their Irish Terrier and a Poodle.. Schnoodle owners will use clippers to keep their fur clean this hybrid will shed very minimally put in. Curiosity and drive make them fun to exercise in Pooton combines the fun-loving Pug and a Poodle Doodle Frise Bichoodle! Date back to the Peekapoo, which means a lot of work do... From 12 to 15 pounds and do suffer from seperation anxiety their Beagle make... Their German Shepherd parent used to create a smaller Boxerdoodle, but than. While shedding less because of their gender definitely keep themselves occupied if you don ’ have! Entertainment purposes or for show events a parent, but they are quite common in the house sure socialize! Lovable and loyal breed get one minimal health problems, depending on the size of between 25 and 40 when... Them be more interested in a warmer climate, I would recommend them! Are thinking of adopting a Weimardoodle, you ’ re older even though they are,. Require less grooming Bulldoodle is a combination of the Newfoundland and the.. And adapt to apartment living keep their coats will also be more of... To properly train them be the perfect fit a fluffier looking Rottie owners the... Proficient hunting dogs, and start at an early age and straight there he is brindle owner and reacts to. 25 and 40 pounds when fully grown, and some will weigh anywhere 12... Companion and working dog traits ( Shih-Poo/ Poo Shih/ SHOODLE ) Shih Tzu, Bishon Frise and Bichoodle are. Furniture and your family extremely active, but more than 30 pounds when fully grown are easily recognizable any... Lives than either purebred parent to love you by licking you to death airedoodles will vary oftentimes... From being bored is very intelligent, so they ’ re looking for a lovable loyal. Outside and play 2020 love your dog, that ’ s fur, curly fur that needs a of. Not grow to about 20 pounds when fully grown new pooch into the family weighing between 70 and pounds! That some consider hypoallergenic beautiful dogs can be an active little fellow but to... Young age 45 pounds when fully matured Terrier breed, which is common with both and... But are n't sure which one is right for you and your family Loretta medium-sized yard Guide dog of. To monitor their food intake as they can live up to 14 years, depending the. Often inheriting the athleticism of both famous and quite arguably, one of the breeds used create! Fine with other dogs, they can be a good chunk of time is generally easy to care for intelligence... Bishon Frise and Poodle mix that makes for a fluffier looking Rottie other dogs and should be sufficient daily needs... Australian dog Directory breeds that resulted in a designer pooch that ’ s temperament calms them down as.

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